Scope of this Privacy Policy:

This privacy statement explains how handles personally identifiable data that we receive from merchants who use our payment gateway services, as well as consumer data that we gather as part of our regular business operations. The handling of personally identifiable information shared with this Policy by partners or back end technology providers of is also covered.

This website was created with the intention of taking online payments. We gather and produce a variety of data points about you. "Personal Data" refers to information that can be used to identify you. Information that is publicly accessible or freely available does not constitute personal data. Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we are strongly committed to protecting your personal data.

To safeguard the privacy of your Personal Data, we are bound by the rules of applicable Indian law, including the Information Technology Act 2000 and the Information Technology (Reasonable security policies and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Regulations, 2011.

The practises of businesses that does not own, manage, or control, as well as those of individuals who does not employ or manage, are not covered by this policy.

For Merchants:

Privacy and data protection issues are taken seriously by This privacy statement explains how we manage personally identifiable data that we receive from merchants that register for services and send data to online. Contact us if you have any queries regarding our privacy policies.

For our firm, information security is crucial. We strive to keep your information secure. On safe computers, we keep the data we've collected. There are just a few workers who are directly involved in running the data centre who have physical access to these computers. To stop unauthorised users from accessing our computers, we deploy cutting-edge security technologies. You (Merchant) must take precautions to prevent unauthorised access to your computer and login ID/password. Keep the password you use to access's services safe by signing off after using a shared computer.

Presently, gathers personal data about our merchants through the merchant registration procedure, the service agreement they sign, and various documents they submit proving their creditworthiness as deems necessary from time to time. Customers are prompted by to enter their name, address, phone number, and email address while placing an order. only makes use of this information to fulfil orders and inform customers and merchants of their status. The Merchants however, are able to collect personal information on their customers via the purchases that are made. The data collects is used in the aggregate to give us demographic information about the entire  audience in order to improve the service to you and to our Merchants, to perform statistical analysis of the collective characteristics and behavior of our Merchants and visitors, to measure overall patron demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the  domain and to analyze how and where to use our resources. We use cookies to help us determine which website user’s link to, and which services Merchants and visitors use.

We also keep track of details like the website you came from to contact us, the pages you requested, the goods you purchased, the website that referred you, and the amount of time you spent on the website. We record IP addresses, the type of operating system your machine is running, and the type of browser software you are using for everyone who visits the Merchant buy page. We can identify your Internet Service Provider and location of your point of connectivity from the IP address.

In the event that you are one of our registered Merchants, the personal data you supply to us (such as your name, address, etc.) enables us to notify you of any updates or modifications to the service as well as services offered by, its affiliates, and backend service providers that we think you might find useful. takes reasonable measures to protect the personal information provided to us, and we won't release it to any other people or businesses unless we are forced to by law. will only share information with other businesses and organisations for fraud prevention and risk reduction, nevertheless. However, in the event of misuse or a security breach, we are not liable for any security lapses or the conduct of any third parties who have unlawfully obtained the information. Customer information will not be given out by for mailing lists, surveys, or any other reason other than what is necessary to provide our services. Nonetheless, may divulge personally identifiable data about you (the Merchant) to other businesses or individuals in the following situations:

  1. You have given us permission to share the data.
  2. In order to offer the service you have requested, we must disclose your information.
  3. In order to provide a service to you, we must communicate the data to businesses that operate for (unless we tell you differently these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide them beyond what is necessary to assist us).

In order for to provide payment-processing services, personally identifiable customer information is also shared with third parties (such as our Acquiring banks and credit card processors). is dedicated to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its users. There may be links on to a huge variety of other websites. Their privacy practises and how they handle user data are not our responsibility.

Please go to the Merchant Login page and log into your account to view the above information and to review your personal information if you (i.e., our registered Merchant) would like to view the information we have collected from you and your customers or if you want to correct your information, the billing/shipping information of your customers, or their IP addresses. if you have any inquiries or comments, or write to us at:



M.G Nagar,

DCM, Ajmer Road, Jaipur – 302021 (Raj.)


In regards to data that is recorded in our access logs on any registered Merchant, customer, or visitor, we comply with subpoenas, warrants, or other legal orders. Even without a subpoena, warrant, or other court order, we reserve the right to disclose that information regarding any registered Merchant who we believe is breaking our content policies. We help law enforcement organisations track down people who misuse our systems and services for nefarious purposes. Additionally, we reserve the right to inform law authorities of any illegal activity by our Merchants or their clients in order to pursue legal action.

Please be aware that does not control the acts of its Merchants or visitors. All Merchants, customers and visitors should be aware that, when they disclose personal information such as their actual name, store's name, e-mail address, etc. to third parties, the information may be collected and used by others to send that person unsolicited e-mail from other parties, outside of In the event that you encounter any, Merchant who is improperly collecting or using information about users, please contact us if you believe has breached this Privacy Policy in any manner so that we may resolve the situation.

For Customers:

We, us, and our at Softapay, a brand operating as "Singhtek Payments Services," take privacy and data protection issues very seriously. This privacy statement explains how we handle personally identifiable information from customers and users (you/your) who use Softapay technology directly or indirectly or provide information to Softapay via the Internet. if you have any queries about Softapay's privacy policies.

Being an ethical company, Softapay recognises the value of the right to privacy. By transacting with Softapay, customers from all around India invest their trust in us, and we at Softapay respect that trust. We also pledge to protect and secure your personal information.

The handling of personally identifiable information that Softapay's partners and back end technology providers may share with it is likewise covered by this policy. This paper explains how Softapay uses the personal information it has collected about you.

This Policy outlines the ways in which we will use and safeguard your information. Your personal information will only be used by us in ways and for purposes that comply with applicable data protection regulations. We advise you to carefully read this Privacy Statement.

1.1. The information we collect:

While placing an online order with Softapay, customers are prompted for a variety of personal information, including name, address, phone number, and email address. We gather customer names, contact information, debit/credit card information, and other information according to different payment choices. In accordance with the laws and regulations established by the Reserve Bank of India and card companies, we gather Debit/Credit Card information as well as other payment information. We also gather information from the computer, phone, tablet, or other device customers use to access our services in order to reduce risk and fraud. This contains the IP address, the browser, and the language preferences of the customer. There are instances in which we get data about customers from third parties or automatically gather other data. This is a summary of the data that we get on a basic level.

Also, we might get data about you from other sources. These parties include joint venture partners, affiliate partners, and other unaffiliated third parties; any information we get from them may be merged with information you voluntarily submit.

1.2. What we do with the information we gather

We need this information to identify your interests, comprehend your demands, and offer you better service. We will be able to better understand our clients and site visitors as a result, improving the relevance of our services and marketing. The data we use in this way might include:

o Maintaining internal records.

o We might use the data to make our goods and services better.

o Details on how you used this website.

o To enhance our services and applications.

o To offer you customer service.

o To protect against fraud and for security reasons.

o With the email address you have supplied, we may from time to time send promotional emails about new products, packages, special deals, or other information we think you may find interesting.

o From time to time, we might also contact you using the data we have about you for market research. We may get in touch with you via phone, fax, mail, or email. We might use the data to modify the website to better reflect your interests. We can SMS you with information on current package offers, the cost and timing of package renovations, etc. Please modify your "Subscription" choices by signing into your account if you do not wish to receive email or SMS from us other than order notifications and receipts.

1.3. Sharing of Data

We now provide the following parties with your personal data as needed:

o You and, if applicable, any third party you wish us to disclose it to.

o Purchasing Financial Institutions, Softapay Merchants, and Facility Providers.

o Governmental, judicial, administrative, or similar authorities, upon request or as necessary, including for the purpose of disclosing any actual or suspected violation of a law or regulation that may be in force.

o Providers of direct marketing services.

o Providers of data analytics services.

o Third-party service providers are employed to deliver various Services (e.g. SMS delivery, email delivery, web notifications, app notifications and phone number lookup).

It's possible for our applications to integrate with previously used third-party services (like Facebook) or to link to other resources. Please be aware that Softapay disclaims all liability for any such services, content, or privacy practises. Before using such services or accessing such content, we advise you to review the privacy policies of any third parties.

1.4. Links to other websites:

Links on our website can take you to websites with information practises that may differ from ours. Customers should review the privacy policies of those other websites since we have no control over the data that is provided to or collected by those third parties.

1.5. Control of Data:

Customers have complete control and rights over the personal information they supply to us. Customers can send us an email asking for a summary of their data. We rely on you to make sure your personal information is full, accurate, and up-to-date. In some circumstances, you have the right to request that we change, erase, block, or restrict the processing of the personal data we have on file about you. In the event that your personal data changes or is inaccurate, kindly notify us right away.

Softapay wants its clients to have choice over how we utilise their personal information. Consumers may accomplish this in the manner listed below:

  1. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we have on file for that specific person.
  2. You can ask us to rectify any personal information we have about them or notify us of any changes to their personal information.
  3. A person can object to specific methods in which we are using their personal data or ask us to remove, block, or restrict the processing of any personal data we may have on them.
  4. In some circumstances, a person may also request that we transfer their personal information to a third party.

Subject to any relevant laws, an individual who has given us permission to use their personal data may revoke that permission at any time. In addition, individuals have the right to object at any time, within the bounds of the law, to the processing of their personal data if it is done so in the pursuit of a legitimate purpose or the public good.

If there is no opt-out method available and you would want to object to the processing of your personal data based on a legitimate interest,
1. 6. Security of Your Personal Data:

As previously mentioned, we are a highly regulated organisation, and the Reserve Bank of India, acquiring banks, and card companies all keep an eye on how things are going. We comply with the requirements of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000, its Regulations, and any pertinent changes. We are also PCI DSS certified (a set of rules and regulation by the Card Companies). Softapay complies with all applicable data protection laws while handling, processing, and using the data it has gathered.

Softapay follows reasonable processes to guard against abuse and unauthorised access to the personal information it has gathered.

The personal information that has been provided to us is protected and safeguarded by suitable corporate systems and procedures. For the protection of the personal information on our servers, we additionally employ security protocols as well as technological and physical limitations on access. In the course of their jobs, only authorised staff are allowed access to personal information.

In order to enable you to use our services, to provide our services to you (including maintaining the online user account, if created), to comply with applicable laws, to settle disputes with any parties, and for other reasons as determined necessary to enable us to conduct our business, including to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal activities, we will retain your personal data for as long as we deem it necessary. The terms of this Privacy Policy apply to all personal data that we have on file. if you have any questions concerning a particular retention term for various categories of personal data we handle about you.

1. 7. Business Transfers:

We may choose to sell or otherwise transfer some of our assets as Softapay continues to grow its company. By giving us your Personal Information, you accept that your data may be transferred to such parties in certain situations. User information, including Personal Information, is often one of the transferred company assets in such transactions.

1. 8. Cookies:

Cookies are used on this site. In order for a website to remember who you are, it uploads a text-only string of information known as a cookie to your browser's cookie file on the hard drive of your computer. The basic contents of a cookie include the domain name from which it originated, its "lifetime," and a value, which is normally a special number produced at random. This enables us to enhance our website and services while also ensuring that you have a positive browsing experience.

We may use cookies in the following ways:

1 Where they are necessary for the operation of our website.

2 To make our site's personalisation tools available (which give you the ability to recall recently viewed pages and see information which you have input on line).

3 To gather anonymised, aggregated data that will help us better understand how people interact with our website and its design. This does not allow us to personally identify you.

  1. 9. How to contact us:

You can get in touch with us through our Grievance Officer if you have any queries or complaints regarding Softapay's privacy policy or how it is being applied. You can contact us at the following address if you ever decide that we should no longer store any of your personal data or desire to update your information or the billing/shipping details:

Grievance Officer:

The name and contact information of the Grievance Officer are given below in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Regulations, 2011 adopted thereunder:


M. G. Nagar,DCM, Ajmer Road, Jaipur – 302021 (Raj.) Contact Us



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